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Brisbane Pet Photographer, Allira Batstone Photography is based in the Redlands, SE Brisbane.

Allira Batstone Photography provides Queensland pet owners with a premium pet photography service. Specialising in Pet Photography and also cater for Equine owners, she believes you must be able to understand and truly love animals to gain their complete trust, which enables you to work effectively with them throughout the session. 

Allira also offers pet owners the chance to get in on the action; after all, our pets are our family too. Our pets give us more than just unconditional love; they show us what's really important in life.

Allira Batstone photography strives to capture their beautiful souls and unique personalities- Creating wall art, albums and photographic products which will bring your walls alive with your pets unconditional love.

Allira's purpose built pet photography studio is located in Alexandra Hills, Redlands.

"But my dog won't stay still"

Don't let these 6 little words stop you- Allira works with all kinds of dogs, all of whom have different levels of obedience - from never being taught to sit to some of the highest trained pets.

The average family dog is easily excited, has selective hearing, gets a fit of the wiggles, can barely sit and stay and is not off the leash trained

This is completely normal - Don't let this prevent you booking a session!

What the customers have to say

“Unbelievable! You definitely have a gift and the animals LOVE you! Would highly recommend your photography” 


“When I saw my prints for the first time from Baxter's photo shoot, I was blown away! I had tears of joy and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, the shots were so perfect and so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Baxter now has his cheeky face throughout my house and I wouldn't have it any other way. “ 


“Thank you for the wonderful photos you took of Klassy! I will forever cherish them!

You are a gem and your work is fabulous!” 

- Manon


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