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About Allira...

"To witness the indescribable Bond, Trust, Respect and Deepest of Love between animal and their human on a daily basis is utterly AMAZING!

   It truly is the best 'job' on this planet! Capturing that moment, that joy and the unbelievable love-Allowing you to forever cherish these breathtaking souls in your homes to bring the walls alive- that is what its all about. "

"Celebrating Our Pets - Our Soul mates - Our Best Friends

That is what truly make's me Happy"

Based in the Beautiful South East Brisbane area of the Redland's has me just a hop, skip and jump away from some of this state's most beautiful natural treasures. I'm a proud mother of 2 beautiful children and two beautiful dogs. I have three passions in life- Family, Animals and Photography. I was born an animal lover, I have always been drawn to them from a very young age and find myself constantly saying "Hello' to them before I do to people. There is just something about them- words can't describe that love you get with your treasured pet - The silent language you have with them. It's priceless.

I have been involved with horses since I was a little girl. Dreaming big as all little girls do. Being only 5 and going to my uncles to ride one of his horses (Standardbreds and Shetlands) so excited to ride a 'horse' to get there and be put onto a pony- my little heart broke and the stubborn little Shetland kicked me off almost instantly. My love for horses grew stronger every day. My dream was to own and work with horses and I have been fortunate enough to fulfil that dream. Equine photography has allowed me to experience so many different levels and atmospheres of this amazing sport from the traditional country shows to International events and the World Class Magic Millions on the Gold Coast.

Pet Portraiture is a tear jerking career, So many tears of joy, laughter and sadness. These amazing souls constantly make me speechless. I get a real buzz out of Pet Portraits and I do truly fall in love with every animal that comes through my doors.

My Life is not complete unless I'm surrounded by these beautiful animals x


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