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10 September 2017 04:24 PM Blog

Could you be Callie's furever home?

As many of my followers know, I have been volunteering my time over the years to animal rescue groups to help promote their animals in need, 

One of these amazing animal rescues that I have been blessed to work with is Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue

The beautiful and soft hearted Callie is the latest dog to visit my studio.

Don't be fooled by her size, she has the SWEETEST nature that you could ask for 

and I think the nickname ‘pat-thief' or ‘Miss happy' would suit her perfectly!

Callie is one of the very special dogs who reaches deep in your heart the minute you meet. 

Her eyes are the most stunning rich brown and actually look like glass! Callie has the biggest doggy smile and her big tail- well I didn't see that stop wagging the whole time!

Many dogs, and more so rescue dogs that visit the studio take at least 15 minutes to settle in, but not Callie, she was at home straight away. 

She just wanted to be where someone was going to be patting, massaging or cuddling her.

She was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio and I'm so excited for her to find that special forever home.

Callie's future fur-mum and/or fur-dad are out there somewhere, we just have to find them, she has spent far too long in care. 

Deathrow Unchained wants to find her the perfect home so she can finally settle in to a home she can call her own. 

If you would like to enquire about the beautiful and huge hearted Callie please be sure to contact Deathrow Unchained animal rescue.

28 November 2016 11:09 AM Blog

Meet the beautiful dogs from ‘Barkin Beautiful' groomers. I love working alongside local businesses that really do put the animals first and Barkin Beautiful is one of those local companies.

The doggie crew visited the studio for their photo shoots, which were being done to help promote the salons new website launch.

Barkin Beautiful has two Grooming Salons- one located in Redland Bay (Opposite the Redland Bay hotel) the other is in Manly West. But that's not all, for those who like the mobile groomers rest assured they have that covered too!

Their photo shoot was to show off the variety of dog breeds that they can cater for and what a variety we covered!

At Barkin Beautiful they cater to the individual grooming needs of each dog and their owners preferences. They can do anything from short and easy-maintenance clips, face feet and tails for in between full haircuts, strip outs for double coated breeds to your fancier Breed Specific styles (e.g Schnauzers, Poodles, Spaniels, West Highland Terriers), Asian Fusion styles and creative grooms. Their number one priority is to make your dog look their best.

The bonus is they also positively reward their Regular Owners too!

Booking in your beloved dog MONTHLY and alternating between a full hair cut (which includes a warm, fresh water hydro bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked of hair, and their style of hair cut) to a basic tidy, face feet and tail (includes warm fresh water hydro bath, nails clipped, ears cleaned and tidy of the head, feet and bottom) SAVES $10 each time they come!! If monthly is hard to keep up with we offer $5 off full haircuts made up to a scheduled 8 weeks ahead.

If your dog is in need of a little pampering be sure to contact Barkin Beautiful and speak to one of their friendly staff. 

Are you already a client of Barkin Beautiful?? 

Would you love a photoshoot?? 

Please contact us today for your special offer for supporting a trusted local family run business.

*Checks will be done to confirm you are a customer of Barkin Beautiful.

29 June 2016 02:43 PM Blog

When I spoke to the lovely mum of these three sisters about their personalities, not in a million years did I actually expect them to be so totally different to each other!! 

When the three sisters-Mia, Abby and Tilley arrived for their photo session, they looked ready to work the camera with their beautifully groomed coats which were freshly done by their mum who works at Barkin Beautiful dog groomers. Mia (Left) is the shy one of the family and looks up to her favourite sister Abby (centre) for reassurance and her confidence boost. Abby, is the life of the party! She loves to steal pats and cuddles. Tilley (right) was described as a princess is every way, she runs on princess time with princess personal space.

Mia, Abby and Tilley were the first clients to give my beautiful new prop a test run! I have been chasing one of these for over a year and finally managed to get one, you can imagine my excitement when I had 3 little beauties coming in only a week later

AND what was even better Tilley had the personality to match the chair! 

Class, elegance and a royalty!

I felt truly privileged when Tilley no longer gave me the look and her sweet little soul began to shine through.

Bless her little heart, Mia was so brave. Mia's mum told me when she booked their session that she was a very shy girl and very scared of new people and new environments. I could not be more proud of her- she did amazing!

Mia and Abby are near on inseparable, such a beautiful bond between them both. Mia is a recent rescue dog and to have a bubbly big sister like Abby it's just what the doctor would have ordered.

Abby was so happy to be in studio, I'm sure she thought the day was solely about her and giving her endless cuddles. Abby was willing to do anything for a squeaky toy, a yummy treat or even a cuddle. (numerous times she was on my lap whilst I was photographing the other girls)

Mia, Abby and Tilley are now going to be displayed as beautiful wall art around their Mum and Dad's home, I can't wait for the images to arrive to show their Mum- They are going to look amazing!

Until next time...

Live, Love, Wag xx

Are you wanting your pets to be captured in stunning wall art? 

Make sure you visit our portfolio or book a session today.

19 June 2016 07:26 PM Blog

Helping animals in need...

It's  a cold rainy day here is SE Queensland which has my little family all indoors eagerly waiting for our Yatla Pie to cook. The kids are making cubby houses and having a disco in their rooms, the dogs are curled up sleeping in their cosy beds, my partner is painting away and I thought what a perfect time to sit down and revisit the amazing day we had at the BAAC May Day Appeal.

The BAAC May Day Appeal was held on the 28th May at the Redland Bay Hotel grounds. The event was organised by Darryl Cogzell and his team from Bikers against Animal Cruelty, who have done truly wonderful things for the animal rescue groups of SE Queensland.

I'm blessed to have been a part of this hugely successful day with my photo booth and pet gallery. The moment the rescue animals started to arrive you could feel the buzz in the air, that of excitement, happiness and love.

Thirteen rescue groups attended on the day, all of whom brought along a number of their animals who are on the search for their forever homes. The rescue groups who attended were;

Animal Angels Rescue

Bullarab rescue

Storybook Farm- Sacred animal garden

Labrador Rescue

Redlands Animal Shelter

Sea Shepherd 

Safe Haven Animal rescue

Greyhounds New Beginnings

Silver Lining animal rescue

Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue

GSDS Dog Rescue

Furkids Animal Rescue

The Fox Residence Guinea Pig Rescue

It began with 76+ Bikers arriving from their charity ride at 12pm. As the day preceded people from near and far stopped by to donate, meet and greet the rescues, apply for adoptions, give their dogs a hydro bath, have a photoshoot and do a little retail shopping for their furkids. There were also raffles and auctions, best dressed pet, live band and a dog kissing booth!

The turnout was huge- hundreds of people and their dogs visited even those who couldn't make it on the day were able to help by donating through local businesses, all of which resulted in over 2.5 tonne of donated goods including food, bedding, toys, cushions, dog coats and kennels which was all shared amongst the 13 rescue and on top of that 2.5 tonne, each rescue group was given $300 to help continue supporting their animals.

I honestly cannot Thank Darryl and his team from BAAC enough for doing so much for these rescue groups and their beautiful animals, they are true angels!

To everyone who stopped by our photo booth stall- THANK YOU for helping us raise funds for BAAC and letting us capture images of your stunning pets!

Until the next BAAC event…

Live – Love – Wag xx

30 March 2016 02:32 PM Blog

Holidays are here...

Easter time means school holidays in our house hold. I am one of the very fortunate Mums who are able to have the holidays off work to spend at home with my kids. Admittedly by the end of the 2 weeks, like most mums, I am very grateful that school is back! Returning to the ‘normal' day to day life and routine is always welcome.

My days pass by with my kids riding their bikes with all the children in the street- the sound of them all laughing, sharing stories, comparing tricks... 

‘Look I can ride no hands!  ‘I can ride no hands and no feet!' cue panicked mum ‘Put your hands back on the bike now! 

boys will be boys!!!! 

to having races down our seriously steep driveway- over the road and onto the neighbour's driveway makes you smile and have a few minor heart stopping moments. Movies, painting and back yard adventures with the famous mud pies, pirate ship, trampoline and hose and also playing with our dogs- who I might add LOVE the holidays!

Tuesday was about getting some images of Kenya and Hugo. It had been a hectic day on Easter Monday. 

We had a snake scare, unfortunately Kenya decided to take on a snake, and at first I had thought it was a brown snake. Kenya covered in blood, sore and showing signs of illness in my panicked state I bundled up the kids and both dogs and rushed her to the local emergency vet who told us they didn't think it was a brown snake and sent us home to monitor her. 

I contacted a local snake catcher who was able to identify the snake from the images I took- it was a yellow faced whip snake *huge sigh of relief* they can cause serious illness is small children and pets so thankfully we were very lucky this time.

 Kenya (above) was back to her normal happy self by early evening, which we then had a new issue on our hands... 

Hugo, our Great dane x puppy (who is always up to no good and on his own daily adventures) decided he would consume a frangipani branch which my daughter had broken off and left in the yard. 

Frangipani sap can be toxic to dogs so we now had a very sad and sick Hugo. He spent the next 1-2 hours being sick while I kept an eye on him after speaking to a vet over the phone. Let's just say I was glad when Monday was over!

After Monday's events I needed to create some photos of them back to their normal happy selves, so while the kids played happily and my partner was tinkering away in the shed, I clicked away as the sun was setting and dinner was bubbling on the stove.

Want to find out more about your future pet photography experience?

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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21 March 2016 01:40 PM Blog

Hey there, I'm Allira...

A photographer, a mother and an animal fanatic. I'm downright obsessed with Pet Photography and love sharing it with super cool animal fanatics just like yourself!

When I'm not shooting, you will find me being Superwoman (AKA #1 job in the world- Being a Mum) going on walks with my 2 rescue dogs and hanging out with some seriously awesome people.

Where it all began…

The Redlands, South East of Brisbane, Queensland, is where I have grown up and lived for the majority of my life.  Having moved to Melbourne's horse country for a number of years, I realised that sunny warm Queensland was calling for me to come back and start this amazing and rewarding journey.

I have always loved photography, even from a very young age I would photograph anything I could. It wasn't until I had my second child that I decided to follow a childhood dream and start my own photography business.

I decided I was going to be a Newborn, Children's and Equine photographer… I know - I know, I can hear the saying over and over in my head ‘Never work with kids or animals' I cannot understand why- there is always so much happiness, love and joy to come from these photo shoots,  it gives me a buzz every time I am witness to it. 

Work hard and achieve big...

 As time went by I found myself more drawn to equine photography, this was more ‘me', I have always had horses in my life and it just fit so perfectly with where I was at. I started to reduce the number of Newborn & children's sessions allowing me to focus more on equine photography- and what a journey it has been!!! 

I never thought I could have so much passion, work so hard, travel so far or achieve things I had only dreamed of until I was focusing on equine photography. It has taught me so much about myself! I have discovered strengths and weaknesses I never knew I had.  I now find I'm constantly pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to be able to achieve greater things. 

The equine world is full of a huge variety of individuals, lifestyles and photographic challenges. It has been the biggest learning experience a photographer could have. You have to photograph in ALL conditions Hot, Cold, Windy, Raining, Storming, Sunny, very dark days or arenas, Glamorous, not so glamorous, long days, short days, good pay, no pay, no food all day, walking long distances, learning to be your own safety radar with 600kg horses galloping/jumping/ spooking extremely close to you and learning to communicate with a huge variety of personalities (horse people will know what I mean).  When you have such passion and drive it's as if nothing is out of your reach!

When it all changed...

In 2015 I had reached a point where I wanted more. I missed the connection I got with clients in the newborn and children's sessions, but I was missing the drive to exclusively be a newborn/children's photographer. It was almost instant that I realised I CAN have the best of both worlds, I CAN be witness to strong bonds, happiness and  love once again whilst still photographing what I love so much- Animals! Pet and Equine photography is 100% what I'm about, It is the most rewarding job in so many ways and I am so thankful for everything this journey has taught me. This is just the beginning ….

Why pet photography...

I get asked this a lot… Why pet photography?

There are so many reasons why I do pet photography. Simply, I am an animal fanatic with the ability to work some magic with your pets and the camera. I love your pets as if they were my own- yes I am a softy and will fall in love with them ALL. I do often feel sorry for those close to me who have to constantly hear the words ‘Oh my goodness I had the cutest dog in today! I am so in love with them and yes this does happen after every photo shoot! 

Pets will be pets, animals will be animals- there is mess, fur (LOTS of fur), slobber, jumping, selective deafness, climbing and the list goes on and NONE of this fazes me, its apart of the job- If there was none of this plus a little controlled chaos it wouldn't be the same.

I do what I do, because I love what I do. They are always happy! Pets don't judge, they are happy to be with you, they are excited for what is going to happen next, they are on a big adventure in this new building with awesome smells and they can sniff and climb on everything. I love being witness to the amazing relationships pets have with their humans, there is so much love words can't even describe. I truly am one very lucky woman being able to witness how deep these relationships are when you as the client see the images for the very first time. This is what it's about… Love, happiness, unbreakable friendships and the trust animals place within us! I love capturing your pet's unique personalities and allowing you to have beautiful Wall Art around your home or office to cherish forever! It is truly amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Why do I give back...

Why wouldn't I give back to the animal rescue community? It's a no brainer I believe!

There is a horrible reality that not every person loves and gives their pets the care that they deserve, which unfortunately leaves many pets homeless for a huge number of reasons (some I will never understand). I have been able to use my skills, media connections and online presence to help bring extra awareness to local organisations and also individual pets that are on their journey to find their human soul mates. By providing my services to these rescue organisations to help find animals homes, it allows these animals to be discovered by more people who can be a potential adopter, foster carer, a donator or a volunteer. It's about spreading awareness, helping re-home these pets and fundraising. It is so heart-warming hearing that an animal has been re-homed which has ultimately opened up a spot for another animal to be rescued.

Do what you love , love what you do...

I will continue to fall in love EVERY time I meet your pets and I can't wait to watch them grow and hear about the adventures they have embarked on. I want you to have the opportunity to bring your walls to life with Wall art of your very special family members. I want pet owners to be apart of this journey- this amazing journey of celebrating our pets.

 My life as a professional photographer has developed from a dream I had as a child. A dream to work with animals, A dream to achieve big and a dream to not feel like I work a day in my life.

I can confidently say dreams come true but to achieve these dreams you must have passion and drive.

 I am now living that dream- My dream!  as a Professional Pet photographer, Your Pet photographer!

Allira xx

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