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10 September 2017 05:51 PM Info
CallieAvailable for adoptioncontact Deathrow unchained animal rescueFreyaAvailable for adoptionContactDeathrow Unchained Animal RescueBentley**ADOPTED***ContactDeathrow Unchained Animal Rescue ......
21 October 2015 07:40 PM Info
EQUINE PORTRAITSWe have a variety of equine shoots available. Varying widely from private shoots to Events to Stud Portfolios to styled shoots. Please contact us for more information.---------- Pricing Guide ----------EQUINE EVENTS INFOOur experience in the Equine photography field is huge. In 2014 we covered over 24 equine events. Our event attendance varies from small pony club events, Country shows, Hack days, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, CDI's, International Eventing to the Magic Millio ......
21 October 2015 07:38 PM Info
PET PHOTOGRAPHYYour session is all about making your fur-babies feel comfortable and at home. We want to bring out their personalities and capture them to forever be remembered in a piece of artwork. We allow 1.5hr for your session which gives us plenty of time for your pet to settle in and get used to all the new smells, lights and cameras. We have a range of toys and tasty treats available and also encourage your pets favourite toys & treat's to bought along too.Get involved. Remember you ......
21 October 2015 07:26 PM Info
In Memory of my beautiful girl 'Cattie' (Passed away at 10mths old- due to complications with foreign objects in her stomach)My heart was breaking and I couldn't do anything to stop it from happening. Tears rolling down my face uncontrollably and trembling with the realisation this was it. It felt like an eternity rushing to the vet hospital. I poured my heart out to her the whole way there; reassuring her that I love her whilst being so scared for what the outcome was going to be.I had mem ......
21 October 2015 07:26 PM Info
The Reality...What truly breaks my heart is the sheer number of homeless pets there is. There are 1000's of dogs that every night go to sleep without a home, a family or least of all a meal and bowl of water to call their own. As much as I would love to have every one of them under my roof giving them all the love and happiness they deserve its physically not possible.Providing support... The closest thing I can do and will continue to do is help support the amazing resc ......
21 October 2015 07:24 PM Info
How far in advance do I need to book? Pet portraits generally book out at least a month in advance, although we do get cancellations and re-scheduled appointments which then open's up session spots which would have previously been unavailable. If you're after a session ASAP please contact us to see availability. Equine events take bookings up to a year in advance. Our equine events are limited spots which mean first in best dressed.Can a book a session ASAP for an elderly or ......

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