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Cattie's Story


In Memory of my beautiful girl 'Cattie' 

(Passed away at 10mths old- due to complications with foreign objects in her stomach)

My heart was breaking and I couldn't do anything to stop it from happening. Tears rolling down my face uncontrollably and trembling with the realisation this was it. It felt like an eternity rushing to the vet hospital. I poured my heart out to her the whole way there; reassuring her that I love her whilst being so scared for what the outcome was going to be.

I had memories flooding my mind, the first day I met her- scared and extremely thin, her first car ride with us, her goofy long legs and huge floppy ears, her cheeky personality, her big slobbery cuddles…Our run only hours earlier, telling passers-by who stopped to say ‘Hi' about her beautiful story, being so proud of her and everything she had achieved.

All I wanted was just one more day of the Happy Healthy Bubbly girl I had rescued only 3 months earlier. My baby, my ‘little' 10 month old puppy who should be here for at least another 8 years- She had her whole life ahead of her which was ended too soon.


I took her time on earth for granted; we had so many dreams for her future, crossing them off the list almost daily. But there was no rush she was a puppy, there was LOTS of time to get those photos- we will wait for a nicer day- a day when she isn't so hypo- a day where I have more energy. How I wish now I never said those things…

All I dreamed of was having those images of her running flat out with her giraffe like legs bounding across the grass or sand. Having finally conquered all of her fears to fearlessly go on a run or walk. How I wish I videoed her more- those days where she was hooning flat out around the back yard so fast her back legs where passing her front legs, her discovering she can get up on the trampoline even if it took five minutes of hang time whilst figuring out how to get her back legs up!

She was only here for a short time but boy did she live life to the fullest. All that comes to mind is the saying ‘she was here for a good time not a long time'.  She taught me a lot- more than any other animal has taught me to this day. We shared so much happiness and so much love. Her life was a big adventure and I'm so glad I was able to go on the journey with her. She learnt to love and trust and that no day would go by without her tummy being full.


I sit here writing this with tears of sadness and tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks remembering her- what she felt like to pat, too cuddle her, to chase her around the yard getting my shoes back, listening to her snore and dream all night long. Life is short and the future is unknown, and I was sadly shown first-hand how true this is.

I'm glad I was able to get one portrait image of her although it wasn't the one I had dreamed of or the one I had continually put off to do another day. The more I look at the image the more I realise this was the real her, this is the image that says a 1000 things to me. Yet when I look at it, I wish for more- More than one image to proudly display on my wall. I have a phone full of images which will eventually fade into the huge list on phone photos which we all flick though at rapid speed.

Cattie made me realise I have a very important role, Life is short and so very unpredictable- I have huge regrets about never getting beautiful photos of her, I took it for granted that I would just get them another day. I want to provide pet owners with beautiful portraits of their pets, images which will make you smile with happiness and love or make you have the odd chuckle as you're reminded about their quirky little personalities for years to come.  


 Not many things are guaranteed to have more value or worth to you in 10, 20, 30+ years,

Then a timeless portrait of your loved ones- this goes for your fur-kids too! 

After all they are your children- just with fur.

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