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How far in advance do I need to book? 

Pet portraits generally book out at least a month in advance, although we do get cancellations and re-scheduled appointments which then open's up session spots which would have previously been unavailable. If you're after a session ASAP please contact us to see availability. Equine events take bookings up to a year in advance. Our equine events are limited spots which mean first in best dressed.

Can a book a session ASAP for an elderly or sick pet? 

Yes, if you have an elderly or sick pet whom you're wanting to book a session for please contact us and we can discuss booking options

My dog is not always on the best behaviour, does this matter? 

I have worked with a huge array of pets all of who are very different and have many different levels of training. The sessions are to capture YOUR pet and their personality we do not judge or compare your furkids to others as they are all their own unique beings, there is always a selection of amazing images to choose from. How do we do it? Tricks of the trade and a little patients 

My pet cannot be off lead, but I'm wanting off lead photos- is this possible? 

100% Yes! Most dogs and horses can't go off lead for a number of reasons, so as a Pet & Equine photographer I have to sprinkle some Editing magic onto our images which can remove the lead (there are very few circumstances where a lead cannot be removed without effecting the image quality) To anyone who was not at the photoshoot they would only see the beautiful 'off leash' image displayed in your home.

Do you only photograph dogs and horses? 

No- I photograph a number of things although Dog's and Horses are my speciality. I Photograph most pets (excluding insect and spiders). If you wish to have a particular session done, and are unsure if I offer that photographic style please contact me for further information.

How many pet's are allowed in each session? 

Our sessions are catered for up to 2 pets with the option to add extra family pets. If you're wishing to have a photo session with 4 or more pets please contact us to find out further details. Charges for more then 2 pets may apply. We highly recommend if pets are from different house holds that a seperate session is booked to ensure the most relaxed environment for the pets. 

Can I be in the photos too? 

Most certainly you can be in the photos, these are YOUR furkids! The bond between an owner and their pet is one of the most beautiful things to witness and unfortunately our furkids can't be with us for as long as what they should, so to capture that bond to cherish forever would be my absolute pleasure x If your wishing to join in on the session please let us know at the time of booking your session.

Can I choose if it's a studio or location shoot? 

We offer both in studio and on location shoots giving you the option to choose which style of image would suit your home best. We have a number of locations to choose from which will be discussed in detail upon booking. Our studio sessions currently do not cater for horses but arrangements can be made to get the same style 'studio image' look.

How do I choose a location? 

Once your booking has been made we discuss which location would suit your pet and your 'style' needs best. The more beautiful or picturesque the spot the more stunning the images will be, We have a number of locations which we frequently use throughout the beautiful area of SE Queensland, details on location options will be given once the booking is made.

Do you travel for sessions?  

I do travel for selected photoshoots. I'm based in the Redland's which is approx. 30 min from Brisbane City, 1hr from the Gold Coast and 1.5hr to the Sunshine coast. Sessions which require more than 30 minutes travel will have a travel levy. If you're requiring one of these session please contact me. (Travel levy e.g.-Gold Coast is $50 levy and Sunshine Coast is $60 levy)

How far do you travel? 

 I can travel through-out Australia if the number of sessions in that location is met. If you live further then 2hrs from the Redlands (SE Brisbane) and would love a photoshoot please contact me for details.

What if the weather is bad on the day of our shoot? 

The one thing I can't control with my business is mother nature. With our outdoor sessions there is always the possibility of unsuitable weather which leads to sessions needing to be rescheduled. Some of the reasons for a session to be rescheduled are rain, storms, excessive heat or cold, strong wind and poor light (dark overcast days). There are many reasons why I choose not to run sessions in this weather. 

Some of the main reasons are- Your wanting stunning images for your home and I want to provide that service to you, if there is poor lighting your image quality will be let down, you can get beautiful images on a BRIGHT overcast day but if your left with a dull/dark overcast day you will not get those beautiful images which you have set out to get. 

With excessive heat and cold it's not comfortable for either us or our pets to be out working in it- you want the images to display your pet 'as they are' not as a pet who is shivering not wanting to leave your lap or a pet who is on the verge of heat stroke. 

Storms and the Wind are not safe to be working in with pets. Our pets can get very stressed from both of these environmental factors and for both the safety of our beloved pets and our own safety I do not run sessions in strong winds or if storms are predicted.

If you're unfortunately placed in the position of your session having to be rescheduled do to mother nature we have back-up session spots available for these shoots which will be discussed upon booking.

Can we arrange a payment plan for our order? 

I'm currently working on payment plan options. If this option suits you please contact me to discuss your options.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?  

I most certainly do!  We couldn't think of a better gift then the gift of capturing your beautiful pets to display throughout your home.

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