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Giving Back


The Reality...

What truly breaks my heart is the sheer number of homeless pets there is. There are 1000's of dogs that every night go to sleep without a home, a family or least of all a meal and bowl of water to call their own. As much as I would love to have every one of them under my roof giving them all the love and happiness they deserve its physically not possible.

Providing support...

The closest thing I can do and will continue to do is help support the amazing rescue groups who go above and beyond to save these beautiful souls and give them every chance to be healthy once more and find their furever home. 

I have always donated to a number of these rescues whilst also adopting from them to ensure I have saved another life. Since becoming a pet photographer I have found another way to give back a little more. I donate my time to a few local rescue groups to help give extra awareness to some of their current furkids whom are on the hunt for their new furever homes. 

One image can say 1000 words, that one image can be seen by thousands of possible adopters, that one image can find multiple Rescue dogs a furever home. That is what I want to achieve

 Homes and Awareness for.....

-Those that are still not aware of the sheer number of beautiful dogs without homes. 

-Those who don't understand that rescue dogs and the most loyal, lovable and beautiful dogs you can get.

-Those that don't realise that these dogs have been given a second chance and all they want to do is love a human and have a human love them.

- Those that didn't know the huge amount of money spent by carers on these dogs whilst bringing them back to good health out of their own pockets. 

The list is never ending. 

What you can do...

Please if you're looking for a new pet, make sure you visit the rescues first there are so many dogs there for so many reasons (99% are not the dogs fault) 

If you're not looking to find a dog please if you can spare $2 they would be furever grateful! Every cent counts.

Most rescues will also happily accept food, toys and bedding donations or alternatively if you know which vet they use see if you can (anonymously if you wish) pay some of their vet account off! Anything is better than nothing! 

I currently volunteer my time to...

Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue

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